Dr. Parker’s practice is limited to adults and to adolescents 15 years old and up.  He will treat younger patients but only within a family therapy context.  If you are interested in obtaining psychological services for children and/or adolescents, Dr. Parker’s colleague of 30 years, Dr. Jennifer Horn, is available for this purpose.  She can be reached at the following link:

In addition to providing psychotherapy, Dr. Parker also does neuropsychological screenings.  These assessments are often conducted to determine a person’s competency or to assist with the provision of appropriate long-term care recommendations.  As with any evaluation, the person being referred for such an assessment must be cooperative and willing to do the requisite tasks.  If the person being referred for testing is a Medicare patient, they must have an order from their primary care physician requesting this service.

Attorneys seeking Dr. Parker’s assistance with Veteran’s or Social Security disability determinations may send inquiries to his email address along with a synopsis of the case in question.  Responses to such inquiries will be forthcoming within 24-48 hours.  Please visit fee section before submitting such inquiries.