About Dr. Scott Parker


Dr. Scott Parker has been a licensed psychologist in Indiana since 1996.  During this time he has provided psychological services to patients in a wide variety of settings, including individuals who are in long-term acute rehabilitation, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living arrangements, correctional institutions, and patients who reside on an independent basis. Dr. Parker’s practice is currently evolving toward providing these services to patients outside of cumbersome and often stifling insurance restrictions.

Dr. Parker’s practice is primarily focused on adults.  He is available for couple and/or marital counseling and he will work with adolescents and children within a family therapy context.  Dr. Parker also incorporates, if needed, a patient’s faith orientation into their psychotherapy.

Dr. Parker may be reached at 317-650-1105 or at Pscottparker10231955@aol.com.  Click the link below if you would like to send him an email using our quick contact form:




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